• Our adult Ju-Jitsu classes across Berks and Bucks will help you learn practical self-defence, improve your fitness and flexibility, and develop confidence and focus. Areas covered include throws, joint locks, ground-fighting, strikes and kicks, kata, traditional and modern weapons, and competition.

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  • We run classes for children from the age of 5+ in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Our kids classes teach self-defence, fitness, respect, and help to develop concentration and self-confidence. All in a fun, safe environment. Our junior students are grouped into a number of age categories.

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  • Martial Arts Styles

    Kazoku students follow a grading syllabus that is highly comprehensive and designed with an excellent learning curve. Our syllabus is based on the Jikishin style of Ju-Jitsu and also includes traditional weapons (Kobudo). Students can also learn ground-fighting techniques and take part in competitions.

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    • Welcome to Kazoku Ju-Jitsu - Martial Arts in Bucks & Berks

      We run a number of family-friendly martial arts clubs across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, taught by our team of qualified instructors led by our senior Sensei, Holly Evans (4th Dan Black Belt). We welcome males and females of all ages from 5 to 65 and all levels of ability or fitness. Come and visit one of our clubs in Maidenhead, Marlow or High Wycombe to watch a class or take part in a free trial session.


      Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art of self-defence involving a range of techniques, including throwing, kicks, punches and locking techniques. At Kazoku we teach a comprehensive syllabus based on the techniques of traditional Ju-Jitsu, giving our students a good grounding and the opportunity to progress to advanced levels of practice.

      Different classes or lessons may concentrate on different aspects of Ju-Jitsu, with some dedicated to self-defence, competition, weapons or syllabus work. In addition, we give our students time in class to practice the particular areas that they most enjoy.

      Practising Ju-Jitsu with Kazoku is an excellent way to get fit, increasing your strength, stamina and flexibility. At the same time you will learn valuable self defence techniques. Many of the techniques do not rely on strength, so you don’t have to be a muscle man to take part! In fact, many of our students and instructors are women.

      Please Contact Us to ask any questions you may have, arrange to come and watch a class or take a free trial lesson.

    • Events



      BJJAGB Championships 2018

      The annual British Championships, organised by the BJJA GB, governing body for Ju Jitsu in the UK. This is always a great event with a really high standard of Ju Jitsu on display every year.

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