• Instructors & Black Belts

  • Sensei Holly Evans

    4th Degree Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

    Holly Evans started training in Ju Jitsu in 1997, achieving 1st Dan Black Belt in 2004, and 4th Dan in December 2014. She has been running clubs in the High Wycombe area since attending University there from 1999. She is a Level 4 B.J.J.A. coach.  Holly competes regularly at national and international competitions, concentrating on Groundwork and Kata classes. She has won Gold at the British Ju-Jitsu Association National Championships 3 times for Weapons kata, and once for Open Hand kata.

  • Sensei Duncan Purves

    2nd Degree Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

    Duncan started training in 2006, after bringing his sons to the class at Skirmett, Buckinghamshire. His consistent training led him to achieve 1st Dan Black Belt in 2010, and 2nd Dan with Credit in 2014.  He qualified as a level 3 coach from 2012.

  • Sensei Nicola Rutterford

    2nd Degree Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

    Nicola arrived at the Buckinghamshire classes after moving to the area in 2006, having previously trained in Ju Jitsu. She quickly converted her grade to the Park Lodge grading syllabus, and continued through the ranks, achieving 1st Dan Black Belt in 2011 and 2nd Dan in December 2014. She took the BJJA level 3 coaching qualification in 2012.

  • Sensei Dan Verghese

    2nd Degree Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

    Dan began training in Ju-Jitsu at the High Wycombe club in summer 2009. He previously had a background in Tae Kwon Do, achieving 2nd Dan in his early twenties. He gained his Ju-Jitsu 1st Dan with credit in 2012 followed by 2nd Dan in 2014, becoming a Level 3 qualified club instructor in October 2015. Dan teaches some Wednesday classes in Marlow and assists at our other clubs. He has a particular interest in the practical self-defence applications of the martial arts, as well as the technical aspects of the syllabus.

  • Gareth Townsend

    1st Degree Black Belt

    Gareth started training in jujitsu at the start of 2012, and achieved his Black Belt in 2015, having trained consistently and with dedication.  He also chose to take the BJJA Coaching Qualifications, and is registered as a Level 3 club coach.  Gareth regularly covers both junior and senior classes.

  • Kazoku Ju-Jitsu Black Belts

    4th Dan

    Holly Evans (Awarded 2014)

    2nd Dan

    Duncan Purves (Awarded 2014)

    Nicola Rutterford (Awarded 2014)

    Jason Smith (Awarded 2014)

    Daniel Verghese (Awarded 2014)

    1st Dan

    John Carson (Awarded 2008)

    Doug Purves (Awarded 2011)

    Greg Kelleher (Awarded 2012)

    Gareth Townsend (Awarded 2015)

    Erica Smith (Awarded 2015)

    Nick Purves (Awarded 2015)