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  • Current information for Kazoku students, and parents of our Junior students.

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  • Class information

    Please check below, or look on the Events Calendar page to check classes running this week, and for any special events.



  • Upcoming Events

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  • Term Dates

    Summer 2018

    Pinkneys Green Friday classes start back on the 20th April...



  • Grading Dates

    Gradings, Spring 2018

    April 14th 2pm (warm up from 1:15pm) :
    Seniors White - Orange belt
    Juniors Yellow Stripe - Green Stripe 

    April 21st 2pm (following usual 1:15pm class) :
    TIGERS. 1 - 5

    April 28th 2pm (warm up from 1:15pm) :
    Juniors & Seniors, Green Belt - Brown Belt


    Gradings, July 2018

    Dates TBC