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A modern martial art with ancient roots.

What will you learn?

Ju jitsu is a martial art focussing on self-defence. It includes a wide range of techniques, including throws, kicks, punches and joint locks. At Kazoku we teach a comprehensive syllabus based on traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu, updated for the modern world. It’s a fascinating, challenging and rewarding sport whether you want to train casually once or twice a week, or immerse yourself in a lifetime’s study.

Different classes may concentrate on specific aspects of Ju jitsu, with some dedicated to self-defence, competition, weapons or syllabus work. Due to the breadth of what we cover, we give you time in class to practice the particular areas that you most enjoy.

No previous martial arts experience is required, and you do not have to be fit, strong or flexible!

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At Kazoku you will follow a comprehensive grading syllabus with a progressive learning curve. A new coloured belt is gained after each grading. Specific belts concentrate on different aspects of the Ju jitsu style. You can find out more about the belt system and gradings here.

The syllabus does not contain everything we learn at Kazoku. Rather, it is a guide to progress. Much of our time in each lesson is spent learning other techniques, running through fun drills, and exploring new self-defence applications. Some students also enjoy training towards competitions, but this is optional.


Joint locks

Punches, kicks & strikes

Ground fighting


Defence against weapons

Traditional weapons kata (kobudo)

Competition practice


Training for competitions is a good way to test your skill against other ju jitsu practitioners. Each major event is slightly different, but categories can include:

Random attacks - self defence with a partner

Ground fighting

Continuous fighting - a combination of sparring, grappling and ground fighting

Kata - empty hand and with traditional weapons

Demo - in pairs or a team

Two young competitors fighting

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