• Instructors & Black Belts

    All our instructors are certified coaches with the British Ju Jitsu Association, hold the relevant insurance and have passed DBS checks.

  • Sensei Holly Evans

    4th Dan Ju-Jitsu

    Holly Evans started training in Ju Jitsu in 1997, achieving 1st Dan Black Belt in 2004, and 4th Dan in December 2014. She has been running clubs in the High Wycombe area since attending University there from 1999. She is a Level 4 B.J.J.A. Senior Coach. Holly has competed to a high level at national and international competitions, concentrating on the Groundwork and Kata classes. She has won Gold at the British Ju-Jitsu Association National Championships 3 times for Weapons kata, and once for Open Hand kata. Holly has also trained extensively in judo.

  • Sensei Dan Verghese

    3rd Dan Ju-Jitsu, 2nd Dan Tae Kwon-Do

    Dan began training in Ju-Jitsu at High Wycombe in 2009. He previously had a background in Tae Kwon Do, achieving 2nd Dan. He gained his Ju-Jitsu 1st Dan with credit in 2012 followed by 2nd Dan in 2014 and 3rd Dan with distinction in 2018. Dan has been a Level 3 qualified club coach since October 2015. Dan teaches our Friday night High Wycombe class. He has a particular interest in the practical self-defence applications of the martial arts, and enjoys weapons training, holding a Level 4 Kobudo grade. He also cross-trains in Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima).

  • Sensei Dave Rowe

    1st Dan Ju-Jitsu

    Dave has been diligently training in Ju Jitsu for a number of years, alongside his career as an RAF officer, and teaches the Monday night adult classes at our RAF venue in Walters Ash. Dave achieved his 1st Dan black belt with credit in November 2018.

  • Robert Avery

    Brown Belt

    Robert teaches regularly at our Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon junior and senior classes. He has a very extensive martial arts background, holding a 5th Dan black belt in another ju jitsu style as well as a brown belt in our own "Jikishin" style. In addition, he has trained in Chinese martial arts such as Ba Gua and Wing Chun, Filipino systems, and others. Robert also used to shoot competitively. 

  • Monty Wych

    Brown Belt

    Monty is the youngest member of the Kazoku Coaching Team, having been training with us for many years as a junior student. He already boasts an impressive haul of national and international medals in a number of competition categories. Monty has assisted Sensei Holly in teaching junior classes, and has now stepped up to teaching his own junior classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, in Marlow and Maidenhead.

  • NameBlack Belt (Dan) GradeYear Awarded
    Holly Evans4th Dan2014
    Dan Verghese3rd Dan2018
    Duncan Purves2nd Dan2014
    Nicola Rutterford2nd Dan2014
    Jason Smith2nd Dan2014
    Gareth Townsend2nd Dan2018
    John Carson1st Dan2008
    Greg Kelleher1st Dan2012
    Doug Purves1st Dan2011
    Nick Purves1st Dan2015
    Greg Kelleher1st Dan2012
    Dave Rowe1st Dan2018
    Erica Smith1st Dan2015
    Rustam Sydykov1st Dan2018
    Viktor Vasilec1st Dan2018