Adult & Teen Ju Jitsu

Adult & Teen Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu covers a wide range of techniques. Students will be expected to try all aspects of the art, but are given time to concentrate on the areas that most interest them.

Classes will vary, but as a general rule, may follow the following format:


  • Rei (bow) on. Short warm up
  • Breakfalls (learning to fall safely)
  • Simple balance / coordination exercises
  • Basic techniques – practice / drill work
  • Lesson – learning/ improving technique
  • Free time – for syllabus work, or other practice
  • Cool down, finish and Rei off
  • Social after club! Come for a drink and a chat with your Ju Jitsu friends!
Rob throwing Peter

Training Disciplines

Our style of Jikishin Ju Jitsu is a comprehensive martial art, covering all aspects of self-defence against single, multiple, unarmed or armed attackers, as well as traditional weapons and kata practice. It is a modern British style of ju jitsu with a rich history stretching directly back to the samurai  of mediaeval Japan.

Within our broad syllabus, some students wish to specialise or concentrate on certain areas, and we allow the time and flexibility for them to do so, alongside practice of the core grading techniques. Training with us will give you the opportunity to learn:


Joint locks

Punches, kicks & strikes

Ground fighting


Defence against weapons

Traditional weapons kata (kobudo)

Competition practice

Nic competing at kata

Some of our students enjoy entering competitions and we regularly take successful teams to a variety of competitions, including the BJJA GB National Championships.

Many of our students have competed and medalled nationally and internationally across all competition disciplines, and Sensei Holly is a multiple British Champion.

There is zero pressure to compete, as ju jitsu is primarily a martial art for self-defence, but for those who wish to test themselves against their peers from other clubs, there are several opportunities a year to compete.

Is it for me?

You do not have to be fit or flexible to do Ju Jitsu, though you should find your fitness levels starting to increase with regular training. Our adult classes are for males and females of age 14 and over. Why not come down and watch a session in progress, or jump in and have a go?


Where and when can I train?

Find the nearest club and contact us for details.

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