• Ju-Jitsu for Adults

    Ju-Jitsu covers a wide range of techniques. Students will be expected to try all aspects of the art, but are given time to concentrate on the areas that most interest them.

    Classes will vary, but as a general rule, may follow the following format:

    • Rei (bow) on. Short warm up
    • Breakfalls (learning to fall safely)Simple balance / coordination exercises
    • Basic techniques – practice / drill work
    • Lesson – learning/ improving technique
    • Free time – for syllabus work, or other practice
    • Cool down, finish and Rei off
    • Social after club! Come for a drink and a chat with your Ju Jitsu friends!

    Training Disciplines

    Our style of Jikishin Ju-Jitsu is a very well-rounded martial art which focusses on a broad spectrum of training areas and techniques. Some students wish to specialise or concentrate on certain areas, and we allow the time and flexibility for them to do so. Training with us will give you the opportunity to learn the following:

    • Throws
    • Joint locks
    • Holds
    • Punches, kicks and strikes
    • Choke-holds and strangles
    • Ground-fighting
    • Break-falls
    • Kata (pre-set sequences of movements performed individually or with others)
    • Competition forms, including light continuous sparring, ground-fighting, kata and pairs demo.

    Some of our students enjoy entering competitions and we regularly take successful teams to a variety of competitions, including the BJJA GB National Championships.

    Is it for me?

    You do not have to be fit or flexible to do Ju-Jitsu, though you should find your fitness levels starting to increase with regular training. We welcome males and females of all ages into our clubs, so why not come along to any of our classes and take part, or just sit and watch a lesson and ask us questions, if you prefer!

    What next?

    Please take a look at our Class Schedule to find out where and when our classes run. Or view our Clubs page for full details of our training venues (dojos).

  • This is one of the best things I’ve ever done - I’ve lost weight, gained confidence, learned valuable skills, met genuinely fantastic people and most importantly had a lot of fun. I’d recommend it to everyone!

    Daryl, Kazoku Student