• Ju-Jitsu for Children

    Martial arts classes can bring a number of important benefits to children's health, development and well-being. As well as encouraging physical activity, children will learn respect to each other and adults, improve their powers of concentration, make new friends and develop self-confidence.

    We accept junior students from the age of 5 upwards. 

    Ju-jitsu covers a wide range of techniques. Students will be expected to try all aspects of the art, but are given time to concentrate on the areas that most interest them.

    Classes will vary, but as a general rule, may follow the following format:

    • Rei (bow) on. Short warm up
    • Breakfalls (learning to fall safely)
    • Simple balance / coordination exercises or drills
    • Lesson – learning/ improving technique
    • Syllabus work, or other practice
    • Cool down, finish and Rei off.
  • My 6 year old son seems to be more confident at school. He is learning self defence techniques naturally in a fun and very inclusive environment. He is loving it.

    Mika, Kazoku Parent

  • Tigers and Dragons

    Byako – Tigers (5 – 7 years)

    Our youngest students go into our tiny Tigers group.

    The aim is to give them a good grounding in the basic skills required for Jujitsu, using games for fun learning.

    Tigers follow their own Tiny Tiger syllabus, specially designed to help them acquire the early skills needed for jujitsu. They wear a red belt, and gain tabs as they pass each Tigers grading level.  Those achieving Level 5 graduate into the Dragons class.

    Byako is the White Tiger of the West. It’s element is metal, and is a sign of peace and virtue.

    Seiryu – Dragons (7 – 11 years)

    Little Dragons are our most vibrant age group. They will start on the main junior grading syllabus, and also practice for various competitions.  Those who have started as Tigers or who start at age 7-8 can expect to progress to around orange-green belt level before moving up to the Genbu group.

    Seiryu is the Azure (or green) Dragon of the East. It’s element is wood.

  • Snakes

    Genbu – Snakes (10 – 14 years)

    The Snakes group will slither their way through more advanced grades, improving technique, and increasing skill.  Green belts will progress to blue/purple belt level.  Students who are starting out as white belts at age 11/12 may be reaching green-blue belt before moving up into the Suzaku group.

    Genbu is a combination of the Snake General and the Tortoise General, and is sometimes depicted as a snake curled around a tortoise or turtle. Genbu’s element is water, and it is the guardian of the North. Genbu symbolises longevity.

  • Phoenix

    Suzaku – Phoenix (14 – 17 years)

    As the Phoenix rises from the fire, so we hope our Suzaku students will take the step from junior to senior classes. Suzaku students may join with some of the adult classes.

    Progression through grades will continue depending on the students own progress, but for those who started as Tigers or Dragons, this should be towards Brown or even Black Belt.

    Suzaku is the noble and elegant Vermillion Fire Bird of the South.