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Traditional Weapons Training

Kobudo is the study of traditional Okinawan/Japanese weapons. Although not compulsory for lower grades, the practice of weapons improves balance, coordination, concentration, and muscle control, all of which helps the student in their general ju-jitsu practice.

Before taking their first Dan grade (Black Belt), adult students are expected to perform 5 basic weapons kata (sets of moves). These are:

After passing at level 5, further weapons kata are studied, including:

Junior Kobudo Programme

Our Junior Kobudo programme is available as an upgrade for our junior ju-jitsu students aged 10-16.

In these monthly workshops over the course of a four-year programme, our students learn the foundational skills for nunchaku, bo, sai, katana and tonfa.

This training adds a whole new level of interest and challenge for children as they learn to master the stances, grips and basic techniques for these traditional weapons. Most training is non-contact.

Children have the opportunity to gain Kobudo ranks from Level 1 to 4, by which time they will be well prepared for our senior kobudo syllabus.

Monthly workshops run on Thursdays at Pinder Hall, Cookham.

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