Bo, Jo and Baton

Bo, jo and baton


A bo is a wooden staff, usually around 6 feet long. Possibly originating from a staff balanced across the shoulders with a load at either end, it became a useful self defence tool, enabling the user to keep an attacker at a safe distance. Its length enables powerful strikes, if the leverage of the weapon is understood and used effectively.

Kazoku students practice various uses of the bo, including a 2 man kata of strikes and blocks, a single man kata, and the standing sets of stances, blocks and strikes known as the kumite.



A jo is a shorter staff, usually around 4 feet long. It is used in similar fashion to the bo. Higher grades will learn the two-person jo and bokken kata.



A baton is used to practice a selection of self defence techniques that could potentially be performed with a variety of items, including an umbrella or walking stick. A wooden stick around 18 inches to 2 feet long is usually used to practice these techniques. We teach how to defend against attacks with a baton, as well as how to use a baton yourself for self defence.

Students training with bo