Nunchaku (nun chukka / nun chuks / nuns) are thought to have originally been an agricultural instrument, used for threshing grain. During the 17th century, Okinawan farmers developed their use as a weapon to defend themselves against Japanese invaders.

The short sticks are attached with a length of rope or chain. They can be used as a striking weapon, and the chain can be used to block, trap or choke an opponent.

In Kazoku we practice 3 set nunchaku kata. It is usually the first weapon that students are introduced to, and takes many hours of practice to master. Confidence is key – lack of confidence leads to bruised fingers!

We also learn and practice applications of techniques using the weapon against an opponent, for instance to block strikes, or apply locks. This helps our students further understand the details of open handed techniques, as well as ways of using any available item as a weapon of self-defence.

Holly twirling nunchaku