Please take a moment to read feedback on our club from some of our students and parents. Whatever your age, gender, fitness level or previous experience (none is required), you will be welcomed at Kazoku Ju Jitsu, and encouraged to fulfil your potential.

My son George has always been reluctant to join clubs, but this club is one that needs no encouragement. I’m not so sure what Dan and the team do differently, but every week george looks forward to going. Thank you!!! A very happy mum here.

Anna, Mum

Absolutely excellent. A superb club which my children thoroughly enjoy and is great value for money. The classes are very well organised, extremely friendly and the training outstanding.

Victoria, Mum

Headshot of Daryl“This is one of the best things I’ve ever done – I’ve lost weight, gained confidence, learned valuable skills, met genuinely fantastic people and most importantly had a lot of fun. I’d recommend it to everyone!”

Daryl, Green Belt

Headshot of Steve“Excellent teaching of a very real-life applicable martial art for self-defence, physical and mental training. suitable for all ages. Very welcoming and friendly club.”

Steve, Blue Belt

Dan and Robert have made the classes welcoming and fun for our son. He is enjoying the new skills he’s learning each week and is growing in confidence

Kate, Mum

My 7 year old daughter has been attending Kazoku Ju Jitsu classes for a while now and is making great progress with both ju jitsu itself and also with her confidence. The instructors are also excellent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and they make the sessions great fun! Definitely recommend.

Anna, Mum

“My 6 year old son seems to be more confident at school. He is learning self defence techniques naturally in a fun and very inclusive environment. He is loving it.“

Mika, Parent

“I love it! The teachers are very nice and we learn new moves every week. It’s easy to make new friends.”

Emily, Age 6

Headshot of Rob“Three years ago, after a little bit of research, I took my 11 yr old son along to Kazoku Ju Jitsu in Maidenhead for a trial session. He loved it and within 3 weeks I was training too. Kazoku is a traditional club, as opposed to some of the martial arts academies we came across when looking for the right place to train (I didn’t want to join a franchise).The instructors and the members of the club made us very welcome and 3 years on, I hope we do the same for new starters.

The reason I chose ju jitsu for my son was because I’ve tried Judo, Karate and Taekwondo as a teenager/young adult. All of these martial arts were great fun and I learned a lot, but I always wanted to try Ju jitsu as it appeared to combine the kicking and punching style of Karate and Taekwondo, with the locks, throws of Judo. Kazoku was exactly what I was looking for. You can learn at the speed you want to learn at, depending on your circumstances. The club has several classes on different days to fit in with my work/life. You don’t need to be fit, strong, or young (I started at 47!).

It’s mentally as well as physically challenging, which I didn’t expect but I really enjoy that aspect. The instructors teach the same syllabus but each have a different style and approach. Many have excelled in other martial arts and they bring this experience to the club.

I think everyone takes something different from the lessons and the club, but it isn’t just about martial arts. There is a social side if you want to join in but there isn’t any pressure. You meet lots of different people. You learn from each other, as well as from the instructors and the gradings, when you’re ready, give you an enormous sense of achievement. Everyone grows in confidence over time. I’ve always thought everyone should try a martial art and I always wanted my son to find the right club. We both love Kazoku. If you’re lucky, this is the type of club you’ll find.”

Rob, Purple Belt

Headshot of Beth“I’m pretty much allergic to exercise, always have been and it’s not through lack of trying; I’ve lost count of the many gym memberships that I ultimately never used. At 25 I was a little apprehensive about picking up a martial art when a) I had barely a fitness level, b) I hadn’t taken to any other sport I’d tried, and c) I assumed that most pick up a martial art at a very young age.

However, when I attended my first adult class at Wycombe Judo Centre, there were a variety of adult students at varying belt levels. The moment I stepped onto the mats, I was greeted warmly by everyone who all came up to introduce themselves, and I felt instantly comfortable. It is an extremely friendly atmosphere; everyone is supportive and you’re never pushed to do something you don’t want to do. The Jujitsu class itself goes within the blink of an eye, and is the most fun I’ve ever had; I feel like I’m not only finally getting a previously non-existent fitness level, but am also gaining a new skill where improvement can be seen week on week.

When I first joined over a year ago, I had planned to pick up a class once a week, but quickly found myself attending classes twice, sometimes three, four times a week. The Senseis are also extremely knowledgeable and bring various skills and teachings from multiple martial arts backgrounds. They also adapt classes based on what students are interested in, so if you want to work on ground work, kata, or weapons, they’re always happy to work this in. Highly recommend :)”

Beth, Orange Belt

“If anyone wants to learn martial arts with excellent instructors, whilst training in a friendly environment then Kazoku Ju-jitsu is the place to be.”

John, White Belt

“As I move around a lot with work I have tried quite a few clubs. Kazoku remains the best club I have tried and I only wish I still lived close enough to continue to train here. An extremely friendly club which majors on respect and makes learning ju jitsu accessible to anyone who wants to give it a try; everyone is welcome. Very skilled and professional coaching team – Highly recommended.”

Darren, Brown Belt

“Excellent club, my children have been learning jujitsu here for the last 6 years.”

Lorna, Parent

“Kazoku Ju Jitsu is a fantastic club for everyone – adults, teens and kids. Our son and daughter love taking part in the sessions every week. They are developing their skills under the eyes of fantastic, highly trained coaches. Ju Jitsu teaches them discipline, self confidence, motivation and self defence. I would highly recommend Kazoku Ju Jitsu to anyone. Our kids can’t wait to go back when the lockdown will finish.”

Marzena, Parent

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