Juniors Nunchaku Workshop - Maidenhead

On Monday 21st March, some of our older junior ju-jitsu students attended a special Nunchaku Workshop with Sensei Dan, at Furze Platt War Memorial Hall in Maidenhead.

This is the first time we’ve run one of these special courses and the first time most of our new students have had the opportunity to get to grips with that favourite weapon of Bruce Lee and Michaelangelo (the turtle, not the Renaissance artist). Each child got to practise with and take home a pair of safe, foam-and-string nunchaku.

Nunchaku are famously one of the core weapons of Okinawan / Ryukyu Kobudo, but can also be found in Chinese, Filipino and other martial arts. As well as the famous flourishes and spins, ‘chuks’ can be used for blocking, trapping, locking, choking and strangling.

Over the hour, which flew by, we learned basic grips, flips and catches, then progressed on to simple twirls and swinging strikes. The children practised the techniques both right and left handed, and then started to switch from hand to hand. Then we put together a few more advanced combinations, before progressing on to learn Nunchaku Kata 1 from our Kobudo syllabus. At Kazoku Ju Jitsu, our traditional Kobudo syllabus affords the opportunity to learn three different nunchaku kata, of varying levels of difficulty.

Finally, the children had some fun at the end of the workshop by playing “keepie uppies”, where they had to try to keep balloons in the air using nothing but their nunchaku techniques.

We hope to run more nunchaku sessions in future, and also to introduce other traditional weapons, which are a fantastic way to help children develop strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Kazoku Ju Jitsu’s junior classes run every Sunday in Furze Platt, Maidenhead, and our brand-new Wednesday class opens in April at the same venue. Please contact us for details.