Martial Arts Starter Course - January - Kazoku Ju Jitsu

On 5th January 2022 our two brand-new adults ju-jitsu classes are starting up in Maidenhead! These replace our previous mixed-ability classes in Marlow.

Running every Wednesday evening at Furze Platt War Memorial Hall (the same venue as our children’s classes), we will be teaching a beginner’s class followed by an intermediate/advanced level class.

The class times are as follows:

Beginners: Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm

Intermediate/Advanced: Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30pm.

The beginner class will focus on fundamentals of ju-jitsu and expose new students to a wide variety of fun and interesting martial arts drills, concepts and techniques including throws, joint locks, escapes from various grabs and holds, break-falls and general fitness and flexibility training. It is an appropriate session for all students up to and including orange belt.

The intermediate and advanced class is for green belts and above, and will cover the appropriate syllabus for those grades as well as more advanced drills, randori and competition training. It will also be a good opportunity to practise the kobudo weapons.

We’re now enrolling for the beginners class. Our first Starter Course runs from Weds 5th January for six weeks. If you’d like to have a go at martial arts, either for the first very time or if you have previous experience of other martial arts and want to try something new, please just contact us for more information.