On the morning of 5th April, our instructor Dan Verghese appeared on River Radio to talk about martial arts and the benefits of our ju-jitsu based training methods.

River Radio covers the whole Thames Valley and surrounding areas, an area of over 7 million people. Dan was interviewed for one hour by presenter Rachel Tyrrell on her weekly “School of Parenting” show, at the radio station’s studio in Marlow.

Dan covered a lot of ground over the course of the discussion, explaining what ju-jitsu is and where it comes from, whilst comparing and contrasting it to other well-known martial arts. He elaborated on all the various benefits of martial arts training, particularly for children, such as improved confidence, focus and concentration, developing social skills, teamwork, discipline and respect. He also touched on the physical fitness benefits of training for children.

After the first song (Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor), Dan and Rachel talked about Kazoku Ju Jitsu’s new after school ‘Dragons’ programme, which aims to introduce primary-aged children to the fundamentals of martial arts within schools, and explained our innovative rotating curriculum.

Following the second song (Glory of Love by Peter Cetera – the soundtrack to classic ‘80s martial arts film Karate Kid II), Dan talked about the benefits of ju-jitsu training for women and adults.

The hour seemed to fly by and we didn’t get to cover everything we had hoped to (or play the last song Dan selected, Jump by van Halen), but it was a very enjoyable experience and a great way to promote the benefits of martial arts to a wider audience. We’d like to thank Rachel Tyrrell and River Radio for inviting us on, and hope to go back in future.

You can listen to the full episode by searching for River Radio School of Parenting on your favourite podcast app, or you can stream it on Spotify.