We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new martial arts programme for schools in the East Berks & South Bucks area.

Our new Dragons Ju-Jitsu programme for primary school age children (minimum age seven years) will introduce new children to the benefits of martial arts for child development and health. The new syllabus is divided into three terms, and will be taught on a rotating basis, with the whole class learning the same techniques and skills each term.

At the end of each term, students will have the opportunity to grade for their next Dragons Ju-Jitsu belt, until they have completed the three levels:

  • Red belt
  • Red belt with white stripe
  • White belt with red stripe.

The new syllabus focusses on martial arts and self-defence basics such as stances, simple punches and kicks with combinations, hold downs, blocks, breakfalls and escapes. We also introduce some simple groundwork hold-downs and positions.

The School Dragons programme launches this Summer term at St Luke’s Church of England School in Maidenhead, and Braywood CE First School in Oakley Green, Windsor.