• Student executing a throw

    Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art of self-defence involving a range of techniques, including throws, kicks, punches and locking techniques. Our syllabus is so comprehensive that there is something for everybody.

    We run a number of family-friendly martial arts clubs across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, taught by our team of qualified instructors. Come and visit one of our clubs in Maidenhead, Marlow or High Wycombe to watch a class or take part in a free trial session.

    Why start Ju-Jitsu?

    Taking up Ju-Jitsu can benefit you in a number of ways. You can:

    • Learn a highly effective form of self defence through studying a traditional Japanese martial art
    • Learn to fight standing, on the ground, and with or against weapons
    • Get fitter
    • Boost your self confidence
    • Learn a fun new skill
    • Take part in regional, national or international competitions
    • Make new friends
    • Train for the coveted Black Belt!

    Different classes or lessons may concentrate on different aspects of Ju-Jitsu, with some dedicated to self-defencecompetitionweapons or syllabus work. In addition, we give our students time in class to practice the particular areas that they most enjoy.

    You do not need to be particularly fit, strong or flexible to come and take part, or have any previous martial arts experience. The beauty of Ju Jitsu is that anyone can have a go. So please get in touch with us to arrange to watch a class or come and try us out!

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