Sensei Dan Verghese

Sensei Dan is senior instructor and Head of Kazoku Ju Jitsu.

He began training in Ju Jitsu at High Wycombe in 2009, having previously had a background in Tae Kwon Do, achieving 2nd Dan black belt and Assistant Instructor grade. 

Dan has been a Level 3 BJJA(GB) qualified club coach since October 2015, and has officiated at international open tournaments. He has a particular interest in the practical self-defence applications of the art, and enjoys weapons training, holding a Level 4 Kobudo grade.

He has cross-trained in a variety of other martial arts including judo, bojutsu and eskrima, and continually seeks to expand his knowledge.

Sensei Dan also acts as Grading Examiner at Kazoku.

Dan (black belt) grades:

  • 1st dan (shodan) with credit, 2012
  • 2nd dan (nidan), 2014
  • 3rd dan (sandan) with distinction, 2018.

Sensei Dan holding katana