Parents/Carers & Spectators Charter

We recognise that the parents of junior students at Kazoku Ju Jitsu are a valuable part of our club. As such, their contributions should not go unnoticed, but parents are also expected to adhere to our guidelines with regards safety, learning, teamwork and respect, as laid out below.

Section 1 – Understanding the Kazoku Ju Jitsu Way

  1. Understand that the aim of Kazoku Ju Jitsu’s junior classes is to help children learn in a fun, friendly, safe and non-threatening environment.
  2. Non-training Parents should consider themselves part of the wider Kazoku Ju Jitsu team.
  3. Accept that children’s safety, and physical and mental welfare is paramount, and more important than individual or team performance.
  4. Respect the rights, dignity, and value of every person who is part of or linked to either Kazoku Ju Jitsu, or who is part of the larger martial arts world.

Section 2 – Rules

  1. All students and parents are expected to adhere to the club’s rules and policies, and those of the National Governing Body (BJJAGB). This includes encouraging the spirit of good teamwork and sportsmanship during training and at competitions.
  2. Ensure that your child has the correct uniform and equipment, and is smartly turned out for each class. Details of training uniform and travelling uniform is detailed in the Kazoku syllabus books.
  3. Do not take any photographs or video recordings without seeking the agreement of the ‏Senseis involved first, in accordance with the Kazoku Photo and Video Policy, and the BJJAGB Guidelines and Child Protection Policy.

Section 3 – Training Classes

  1. Parents should remember that the classes must be balanced for the good of ALL students, and accept that at times their own child may be helping other students rather than concentrating on their own work, or may be practising drills or techniques that the parent does not necessarily understand the value of. Please respect the sensei’s decision and lesson plans, but please do ask questions so that we have the opportunity to explain our training plans and techniques to you.
  2. On the mats, the sensei is in charge. Please avoid distracting your child (or others) from the mat side during lessons.
  3. Speak to your sensei, or assistants, or the Head of Kazoku Ju Jitsu if you have any questions, worries or concerns, or if your child needs your support to speak to us about any worries they may have.

Section 4 – Behaviour

  1. We aim to encourage all of our students, and help each one find their own path through the martial arts. Whether at classes, events or competitions, parents are expected to be respectful to ALL students including their own children. This is no place for ridicule, humiliation, or punishment for mistakes or failure. Parents are encouraged to congratulate and encourage positive aspects such as effort and commitment, in all students.
  2. Encourage and guide your children to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  3. Parents are expected to exhibit high standards of behaviour at all times. Parents may be asked to leave the venue if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

Section 5 – Finally…

  1. Parents are expected to ensure that their children watch the original Karate Kid movie as soon as the parent deems them to be old enough, in order that their child might fully understand some of their Sensei’s references in class.
  2. Older children can be encouraged to watch other positive martial arts films – please speak to your sensei for recommendations.