Photography & Video Policy

It is the policy of Kazoku Ju Jitsu not to automatically disallow the use of photographic or video recording equipment at Kazoku Ju Jitsu events (including classes, courses, and competitions). However, it is requested that all students, their friends and family members, understand and abide by the following policy statements:

  1. Attendees to an event or class will usually be permitted to use hand-held photographic or hand-held video recording equipment to record themselves, their friends or their family members, including their own children.
  2. Attendees will not be permitted to use a tripod or professional equipment to record an entire event.
  3. Attendees are requested to treat any photographs or film as for their own purposes only. Photographs or video should not be put onto the internet or otherwise publicly displayed, without the express permission of those individuals recorded, or in the case of junior students that of their parent or guardian.
  4. At Kazoku Ju Jitsu events, one of our officials shall be deemed as ‘official photographer’ and this individual may take photographs at the event for the purposes of documenting and advertising, and these photographs may be used for printed or online marketing, or the Kazoku Ju Jitsu website. If a parent/guardian of any junior student does not wish any photograph of their child to be used in this way they should inform the official photographer at the event, or the event organisers.
  5. Photographs of junior students used on the Kazoku Ju Jitsu website will not be labelled with the child’s full name, and no identifying details will be published. First names only will be used in conjunction with a photograph.
  6. If at an event the parent/guardian of any child present expresses a concern about the use of photographic or video recording equipment, then a complete ban on all photography/video recording will be considered. If at any time the organisers of a Kazoku Ju Jitsu event feel it is necessary, then a complete ban on the use of all recording equipment will be put in place.
  7. Any attendee who notices any photography or video recording taking place that they believe may be inappropriate should inform the organisers immediately.
  8. Competitions: At competitions, video playback must not be used to argue a judge’s or referee’s decision.
  9. Courses: At a course, attendees should not record techniques being taught by any Sensei without the permission of that Sensei.
  10. Gradings: Photography or video recording is not permitted during any junior or senior grading. Opportunity will be given to photograph a successful student receiving their new belt/certificate after the grading.
  11. Classes: Photography at a normal class is at the discretion of the senior Sensei present, and in accordance with the policy statements above.
  12. Events run by other associations: Kazoku Ju Jitsu students and their friends and family are asked to abide by the specific association policy relating to the use of recording equipment at any event run by another ju jitsu association.