Student Charter

Students should:

  1. Participate in Martial Arts for enjoyment and in a manner consistent with the Black Belt values of Honesty, Respect, Trust and Indomitable Spirit.
  2. Respect their senseis, team-mates, opponents, officials and other adults.
  3. Praise positive aspects of team-mates’ techniques, especially effort and commitment, and not place blame anywhere.
  4. Accept that safety and welfare are more important than anything else; they should not behave in any way that risks the health and safety of themselves or others.
  5. Follow the rules of Kazoku Ju Jitsu and obey the laws and rules of the Governing Body.
  6. Co-operate fully with their sensei.
  7. Accept responsibility for their behaviour and performance. Accordingly students must take responsibility for their own actions.
  8. If in doubt, find out from the sensei exactly what is expected of them.
  9. Co-operate fully with other senseis, managers, officials and specialists, in their own best interests.
  10. Encourage other students to obey the rules of the dojo and competition, play fairly and show sportsmanship. Not break the rules of Kazoku Ju Jitsu or the laws of the competition, or behave in any way that harms the club’s or the Martial Arts’ reputation.
  11. Take care of and respect training facilities, equipment and property and dispose of litter properly.
  12. Take care of your uniform – any lost or damaged items must be replaced at the student’s, parent’s or carer’s cost.